for Industrial Gas turbines
(Contract No. ENKS-CT-2000-20062)
BRUSSELS, 10/11th April 2002

Vrije Universiteit
Pleinlaan, Access 12, Buidling D
1050, Brussels

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Wednesday 10th April
2.00 pm   Registration
2.30 Welcome and introduction to FPVI Petros Pilavachi
2.45 Update on CAME-GT and new projects David Pollard
3.00 Construction of CAME-GT Web Site Frank Rhodes
3.15 Related Thematic Networks  
Christa Bjorkqvist
Paul Ivey
3.30 Coffee  
3.45 Networks continued  
Mike Cannon
Simon Minett
Guy Wells (guest speaker from Aero programme)
4.50 General discussion  
5.20 End of session  
Dinner 7.30 for 8.00pm Leopold Hotel, 35 rue du Luxembourg
Thursday 11th April
9.00 am Re-assemble and welcome David Pollard
9.05 ARBRE TYPHOON Bio-mass project Mike Cannon
Keith Pitcher
9.30 Cluster Sessions - (see individual list of participants below)  
12.30 Lunch  
2.00 Feedback from Cluster Sessions  
- Turbomachinery
Alexander Wiedermann
- Combustion
Manfred Aigner
- Materials
Matthias Oechsner
- Systems
Ralph Merten
- Education and Training
Sergey Zhulktov
3.00 Exploitation and dissemination Brian Pitt
3.15 Coffee  
3.30 Discussion  
4.00 Conclusions and Future Actions  
- Future links with US
Petros Pilavachi
- Future Actions
David Pollard
4.15 Finish  

Cluster Sessions

9.30am - 12.30pm Cluster Session 1
Turbomachinery Cluster - Co-ordinator Alexander Wiedermann

Introduction to Cluster activities Alexander Wiedermann
- FPV Project - DAIGTS
Ian Amos
- FPV project - DITCAD
Alexander Wiedermann
EUFPVI: Facing the future in component design Alexander Wiedermann
- Turbine Internal flows
Karsten Kusterer
- Small Gas Turbines
Andre Mom
- Turbomachinery research in Austria
Franz Heitmeir
- TRA-EEFA - Overview Turbomachinery Projects and future prospects
Stephan Servaty (guest speaker from Aero programme)
Discussion on priorities for industrial gas turbine RTD Chairman: Alexander Wiedermann

9.30am - 12.30pm Cluster Session 2
Combustion Cluster - Co-ordinator Manfred Aigner

Introduction to Cluster activities Manfred Aigner
Michael Whiteman
Jorgan Held
- FPV Project - NGT
Michael Flamme
- FPV Project - FLOXCOM
Levy Yeshayahou
- FPV Project - DESIRE
Werner Krebs
Jaan Hellat
- Combustion research at Zaragoza University
Cesar Dopazo
Discussion on priorities for industrial gas turbine RTD Chairman: Manfred Aigner

9.30am - 12.30pm Cluster Session 3
Materials Cluster - Co-ordinator Mattias Oescher

Introduction to Cluster activities Matthias Oechsner
- FPV Project - CINDERS
Nigel Rhodes
- FPV project - ALLBATROS
Pierre Josso
- TRA-EEFA Advanced Materials Cluster
Brigitte Bittar (guest speaker from the Aero programme)
Derek Allen
- Internal Coatings for Hot Section Gas
  Turbine Components
Gerrit Kool
- Smart thermal barrier coatings for GTs
Udo Dengel
- Research at CESI
Claudia Rinaldi
- TINTELL- Internal inspection of nozzles and blades
Paul Welberg
Discussion on priorities for industrial gas turbine RTD Chairman: Matthias Oechsner

9.30am - 12.30pm Cluster Session 4
Systems Cluster - Co-ordinator Ralph Merten

Part 1: Introduction to Cluster activities Ralph Merten
- FPV Project - LOTHECO
Aggelos Doukelis
- FPV Project - CHEP
Andre Romier
- FPV Project - OMES
Jan de Wit
Keith Pitcher
- FPV Project - GTPOM
Aristide Massardo
Part 2: FP6 Future RTD requirements for gas turbine systems  
- Swirlflash Atomisation for power augmentation
Kees Meijer
- Gas Turbine PHM
Henk Jan ten Hoeve
- Innovative GT cycles/distributed co-gen
Aristide Massardo
- FPIV High efficiency, low emission GT
Jose Gouveia de Almeida
- Optimised micro-turbine energy system
Jan de Wit
- Co-generation with recuperated GT
Bernd Gericke
Further proposals for sustainable energy RTD projects All participants
Part 3: Priorities for industrial gas turbine RTD Chairman: Ralph Merten

9.30am - 12.30pm Cluster Session 5
Training and Education Cluster - Co-ordinator Sergey Zhulktov

Introduction to Work package activities Sergey Zhulktov
- KEMA, Netherlands
Paul Welberg
- University of Technology,Graz,Austria
Franz Heitmeir
- ALSTOM Graduate and training needs
Jim House
- Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Chris Lacor
- Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Remy Denos
- Delft Technical University, The Netherlands
J.P. van Buijtenen
- Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
Tord Torisson
- National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Aggelos Doukelis