Report on Second Workshop
Bourchette Building, Brussels
1st October 2001

The second 'Cleaner and More Efficient Gas Turbines' (CAME-GT) Workshop was attended by 46 representatives from 12 Member States of the EU. Researchers from Industry, Research Establishments and Universities contributed to the Workshop which, for the first time, included breakout sessions for the four technology clusters, Turbomachinery, Combustion, Materials and Systems. The majority of attendees contributed to the Workshop by either presenting a paper or contributing to the discussion. The three other CAME-GT work packages were described: - RTD Strategy, Exploitation and Dissemination and Training and Education.

Since the first workshop, one partner in CAME-GT, Turbomeca has left the project and two new partners have been proposed, TURBOINSTITUT of Slovenia and Ansaldo. The contract revision is awaiting approval from the Commission.

The 11 FPV gas turbine RTD projects were presented and projects from research programmes in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain were also included. The Workshop welcomed representatives from the aero-engine Targeted Research Action - 'Efficient and Environmentally Aero-engine' who presented RTD programmes in the Turbomachinery and Materials Clusters.

Two new Networks relevant to gas turbine technology were presented - one on gas turbine instrumentation (EVI-GTI) and one on centres of excellence for gas turbine researchers (CE-IGT). Four new gas turbine projects in the Short-Term programme were mentioned as being at the contract negotiation phase with the Commission.

The Commission presented suggestions for links with researchers in the US. There was general agreement that individual organisations were free to bring in US partners for proposals being prepared for the 14th December 2001 Energy call.

David Pollard
Project Co-ordinator