Second CAME-GT Workshop: Brussels - 1st October 2001

Centre Borschette
rue Froissard 36
B-1040 Brussels

A report for this Second Workshop can be viewed by clicking here. Click this link for a list of attendees.

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Meeting Agenda

8.30 Registration  
9.00 Welcome and introduction (3,311k) Petros Pilavachi
9.15 Update on CAME-GT (347k) David Pollard
9.40 Gas Turbine strategy (1,372k) Peter Holmes
10.00 Coffee break  
10.30 - 12.30 Breakout sessions (see individual agendas below)
12.30 Lunch  
1.30 Exploitation and dissemination (18k) Brian Pitt
1.50 Education and Training (41k) Sergey Zhluktov
2.10 European Gas Turbine Instrumentation Network (38k) Paul Ivey
2.25 Centres of Excellence for IGTs (CE-IGT) (760k) Christa Bjorkqvist
2.40 Feedback from breakout sessions  
- Turbomachinery
Alexander Wiedermann
- Combustion
Berthold Noll
- Materials
Matthias Oechsner
- Systems
Joachim Meier
3.15 Coffee  
3.30 Discussion  
4.00 Conclusions and Future Actions  
- Future links with US (49k)
Petros Pilavachi
- Future Actions (465k)
David Pollard
4.15 Finish  

Breakout Sessions

10.30am - 12.30pm Breakout Session - Room 1
Turbomachinery Cluster - Co-ordinator Alexander Wiedermann

Introduction to Cluster activities (31k) Alexander Wiedermann
FPV Project - DAIGTS Ian Amos
FPV project - DITCAD (2,892k) Alexander Wiedermann
Turbine Internal flows (794k) Dieter Bohn
Compressor flow Frank-Oliver Methling
Small Gas Turbines (514k) Andre Mom
TRA-EEFA Turbomachinery projects Stephan Servaty
ICTB2 New Submission (844k) Sacha Parneix

10.30am - 12.30pm Breakout session - Room 2
Combustion Cluster - Co-ordinator David Pollard

Introduction to Cluster activities (46k) David Pollard
FPV Project - FLAMESEEK (550k) Michael Whiteman
FPV project - PRECCINSTA Vladimir Milosavlijevic
FPV Project - NGT (1,995k) Michael Flamme
TECFLAM Outline Proposal
- Use of hydrogen enriched fuels (174k)
Doug Greenhalgh
Combustion research at Zaragoza University (1,083k) Cesar Dopazo

10.30am - 12.30pm Breakout session - Room 3
Materials Cluster - Co-ordinator Mattias Oescher

Introduction to Cluster activities Matthias Oechsner
FPV Project - CINDERS (521k) Mike Henderson
FPV project - ALLBATROS (856k) Marie-Pierre Bacos
TRA-EEFA Advanced Materials Cluster (139k) Brigitte Bittar
Materials research in Ansaldo (Part 1 of 2) (514k) Carlo Gualco
Materials research in Ansaldo (Part 2 of 2) (308k)  
Materials research in Germany (467k) Vladimir Maly
Internal Coatings for Hot Section Gas Turbine Components (990k)
Gerrit Kool
CESI materials research for gas turbines (551k) Claudia Rinaldi
TINTELL - Internal inspection of nozzles and blades (398k) Paul Welberg

10.30am - 12.30pm Breakout session - Room 4
Systems Cluster - Co-ordinator Joachim Meier

Introduction to Cluster activities (597k) Joachim Meier
FPV Project - LOTHECO (54k) Emmanouill Kakaras
Aggelos Doukelis
Swirlflash Atomisation for power augmentation (610k) Kees Meijer
Systems research in Germany Ingo Romey
Gas Turbine PHM (700k) Wilfried Visser
Henk Jan ten Hoeve