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First CAME-GT Combined Workshop for Industrial Gas Turbines

Centre Borschette, rue Froissart, 36, 1040, Brussels, 16th February 2001

The links on the Agenda below are to documents in Acrobat portable document format (pdf) version 3. If you have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer then you can view the files by clicking on the link. If you have long been looking for help writing a dissertation on gas turbines, you should contact the essay service. If you have Acrobat Reader installed but would like to download the pdf file then in Microsoft Internet Explorer, right click on the link and select 'Save Target As ...'; for Netscape Navigator right click and select 'Save Link As ..' The figure in brackets after each link is the size of the file. Without Acrobat Reader installed you will be automatically prompted to save the file. 

9.00 Registration  
9.30 Welcome and introduction (pdf, 134k) Petros Pilavachi
9.50 Introduction to CAME-GT (pdf, 459k) David Pollard, Project Co-ordinator
10.00 Introduction to CAME-GT Turbomachinery Cluster (pdf, 61k) David Pollard
  DAIGTS (pdf, 270k) Ian Amos
  DITCAD (pdf, 127k) Allessandro Coppola (substitute for Eugenio Rossi)
  Unsteady flows in Axial flow GTs (pdf, 265k) Anestis Kalfas
10.30 Introduction to CAME-GT Combustion Cluster (pdf, 10k) Berthold Noll
  FLAMESEEK (pdf, 32k) Catherine Goy
  PRECCINSTA (pdf, 65k) David Ricketts (substitute for Christian Troger)
  FLOXCOM (pdf, 39k) Maria de Graça Carvalho (substitute for Levy Yeshayahou)
11.00 Coffee Break  
11.15 Introduction to CAME-GT Materials Cluster (pdf, 5k) David Pollard
  CINDERS (pdf, 256k) Mark Hazell
  ALLBATROS (pdf, 362k) Pierre Jasso (substitute for Marie-Pierre Bacos)
  VTT GT materials research project (pdf, 5k) Pertti Auerkari
11.45 Introduction to CAME-GT Systems Cluster (pdf, 15k) Joachim Meier
  LOTHECO (pdf version 4, 150k) Emmanouill Kakaras
  SOLICO/LOTHECO (pdf, 109k) Reinhard Leithner
  CHEP (pdf, 37k) Andre Romier
  GT-POM (pdf, 24k) Darren Watson
  Wet cycle - EVGT (pdf, 400k) Karl-Johan Nilsson
12.15 Buffet Lunch  
13.30 Introduction to CAME-GT RTD Strategy (pdf, 758k) Peter Holmes
13.45 Introduction to CAME-GT Exploitation and dissemination strategy (pdf, 299k) Brian Pitt
  CAME-GT Web Site David Pollard
14.10 Introduction to CAME-GT Training and education evaluation (pdf, 193k) Jacques de Ruyck
14.30 Coffee Break  
14.45 National programmes (pdf, 4k)  
  Germany (AGTurbo) (pdf, 501k) Klaus Behnke
  Sweden (pdf, 19k) Sven-Gunnar Sundkvist
  UK (EPSRC), Cranfield University (pdf, 574k) Riti Singh
  Italy, Firenze University (pdf, 4.1Mb) Francesco Martelli
  Dutch R&D programme (pdf, 230k) Andre Mom
15.30 Discussion (pdf, 56k)  
16.00 Future Actions (pdf, 129k)  
  Next Steps (pdf, 149k)  
16.15 Close  


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