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(Contract No. ENKS-CT-2000-20062)

The objective of this Thematic Network (TM) is to co-ordinate RTD projects in industrial gas turbines, including projects from FPIV and FPV covering fossil fuels and biomass and gas turbines in CHP applications and combined cycles. Technology is divided into four clusters, turbomachinery, combustion, materials and systems. Collaboration within the Network will give added value to project partners. Comparison with international programmes will help prioritise key issues for the future and these will be used to recommend the future direction of RTD programmes and contribute to the development of a gas turbine sector Strategy Plan. You can write your presentation and add your corrections and ideas to the project. If you need to properly design your ideas on paper, contact our partner who will do marketing plan writing at https://place-4-papers.com/awesome-online-marketing-plan-writing-service/ or different written work. 

The TM will operate through cluster workshops and dissemination will be through biennial conferences. Implications of the RTD programme for training will be considered.

The partnership represents gas turbine manufacturers across Europe, together with a research establishment, a university and a gas supply company.

Partnerships who submit successful proposals to this call of the Energy programme suitable for inclusion in this TM will be invited to join.

Project Co-ordinator: Dr David Pollard

Dr David PollardDavid Pollard is employed by ALSTOM Power the Technology Centre at Whetstone in the UK. He is a graduate of Liverpool University where he did his PhD in turbomachinery aerodynamics. He has worked in energy and power for most of his working career and has published a number of papers. He is now the Technology Funding Manager for the Centre.

In addition to CAME-GT he is the Administrative Co-ordinator of a gas turbine combustion project FuelChief.


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