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Third International Gas Turbine Conference

The Future of Gas Turbine Technology

At the conference, we will discuss a lot about the shortage of minerals in the world, as well as the role of natural gas. Please send your ready essays to us or order scientific papers on the website https://advanced-writer.com/

11-12 October 2006
Chatelain All Suite Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

DAY 1  
08.00-09.00 Registration, Welcome Coffee & Exhibit
09.00-09.05 Welcome & Opening, C Bjorkqvist, ETN
09.05-10.30 Gas Turbine Technology for the 21st Century
Chairman: D Taylor, DG TREN European Commission
09.05-09.30  Global Gas Turbine Markets and Trends - What Does the Future Hold? (298.93 KB)  H Thaler, Frost & Sullivan
09.35-10.00  Future Emissions Requirements from Gas Turbine Plants (396.02 KB) , R Reinertsen, Statoil
10.05-10.25  R&D Needs from a User's Point of View (1.15 MB) , B Klijnsma, Electrabel
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break & Exhibit
11.00-12.15 International Energy Policies - How Bright is the Future
Chairwoman: Dr R Jordan Cizelj, Member of the European Parliament, Slovenia
11.00-11.25  European Energy Policy (91.99 KB) , D Taylor, DG TREN European Commission
11.25-11.50  Energy Policy in Japan (1.94 MB) , M Sato, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)
11.50-12.15  US DOE Energy Strategy Plan (3.13 MB) , Dr V Der, US Department of Energy
12.15-13.00 Panel Discussion, Moderator: J Luckey, Editor at IPG

13.00-14.00 Lunch & Exhibit
14.00-15.30 Technical Session 1
14.00-15.30 Cycle Efficiency
Chairman: Dr. P. Jansohn, Paul Scherrer Inst.
Materials Degradation & Repair Technologies
Chairman: Dr. Ir. J.-P. Keustermans, Laborelec
14.00-14.25  A uniform approach to conceptual design of axial turbine/compressor flow path (206.24 KB) , Dr. L. Moroz, Softinway  Recent developments of techniques for the life assessment of hot parts (3.54 MB) , C. Rinaldi, CESI RICERCA
14.30-14.55  Multi-objective optimisation of aero-engine compressors (420.84 KB) , T. Ghisu, University of Cambridge  Advanced high temperature repair brazing to extend life of single crystal turbine components (1.72 MB)  A. Schlegel, RWTH Aachen
15.00-1525  A concept study of small GT with optional desalination capacity (274.14 KB) , J.-W. Song, Doosan Heavy Industries  Metallurgical Degradation in advanced technology gas turbines (4.14 MB) , S. McArthur, Wood Group
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break & Exhibit  
16.00-1730 Technical Session 2  
16.00-17.30 Fuel Flexible Combustor Concepts Materials Degradation & Repair Technologies
  Chairman: Prof. Dr. M. Aigner, DLR Chairman: Dr. H. Becker, MTU
16.00-16.25  Fuel flexibility considerations for low emissions industrial gas turbines (577.81 KB) , Dr. R. Kurz, Solar Turbines Inc.  Maintenance and repair of gas turbine components: a comprehensive analysis of 109 failure cases (1.34 MB) , E. Vogelaar, KEMA
16.30-16.55  Theoretical/experimental investigation of the premixing process within an ultra-lean GT burner (1.16 MB) , Prof. F. Pittaluga, Dimset Genoa University  Impact of aerodynamic sweep and lean on the structural behaviour of a transonic rotor blade, (1.91 MB)  Roberto Biollo, University of Padova
17.00-17.25  Operating characteristics of a premixed sub-ppm NO burner with periodical recirculation of x combustion products (3.19 MB) , J. Brueckner-Kalb, Technical University Munich  Blade root shape optimisation (1.85 MB) , Dr. J.S. Rao, Altair Engineering


Cocktail & Dinner - Speaker J. Isles, Independent Consultant & Freelance Writer

DAY 2  
08.15-09.00 Registration, Welcome Coffee & Exhibit

European Research Programmes & Initiatives
Chairman: I. Galanis, DG TREN European Commission

09.00-09.25  EC Research Programmes & FP7 (6.12 MB) / Dr. P. Dechamps, DG Research European Commission
09.30-09.55  FENCO – the Fossil Energy Coalition (1.05 MB) / Dr. W. Kuckshinrichs, Research Centre Jülich
10.00-10.25  Research Agenda - TP Zero Emission Power (4.46 MB) / Dr. P. Holmes, ALSTOM
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break & Exhibit

11.00-12.30 Technical Session 3
11.00-12.30 Cycle Efficiency Condition Monitoring, Instrumentation & Control
  Chairman: Prof. M. Assadi, Lund University Chairman: Dr. C. Carraretto, University of Padova
 Introduction: Gas turbine user needs assessment for improving hot gas path management (256.20 KB) , Dr. T. Alvarez, Endesa
11.00-11.25  Saturator models for the analysis & optimisation of humidified power cycles (1.18 MB) ,
R. Kavanagh, University of Cambridge
 Technical advancements for future air intake filtration for GT and compressors (1.30 MB) ,
G. Schürmann, Donaldson Europe
11.30-11.55  A cost-benefit analysis for large scale implementation of MAST GT technologies (146.65 KB) ,
Dr. A. Poullikas, Electricity Authority of Cyprus
 Hot section life assessment by a creep model o plan GT based power plant electricity production (896.08 KB) Prof. G. Cerri, Uni ROMA TRE
12.00-12.25  Inlet air cooling and wet compression (1.64 MB) , Prof. M. Assadi, Lund University  Possibility of active control on cascade flutter with smart structure (1.48 MB) ,
Prof. T. Watanabe, University of Tokyo
12.30-13.30 Lunch  
13.30-14.30 Technical Session 4  
13.30-14.30 Cycle Efficiency
Chairman: Prof. P. Pilidis, Cranfield University
Fuel Flexibility & Emissions
Chairman: Dr. I. Gökalp, CNRS
13.30-13.55  Endesa operational experience on gas turbines for power generation (494.74 KB) , Dr. T. Alvarez, Endesa  Flame stability & NOx emission improvements due to H2 -enrichment of turbulent, lean premixed, high-pressure, methane/air flames (997.16 KB) , Dr. P. Griebel, Paul Scherrer Institute
14.00-14.25  OEM view on cycle efficiency (1.12 MB) , Dr. P. Holmes, ALSTOM & J. Logan, Rolls-Royce  Reformer gas as fuel supplement. The effects of enrichment by carbon monoxide on adiabatic burning velocity & nitric oxide formation in methane flames (485.41 KB) , Prof. A. Konnov, VUB, Brussels

14.40-15.00 Priority Research Areas within ETN: current and future position / A. Mom, President, ETN
15.00-16.00 International Research Programmes / Initiatives
Chairman: Dr D Pollard, ALSTOM

 US DOE Gas Turbine Programmes (5.37 MB) / Dr. J. Strakey, NETL US Department of Energy

15.30-15.55  Gas Turbine Programmes in Japan (2.24 MB) / Prof. K. Takeishi, Osaka University
16.00 Closing, Coffee available afterwards



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