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Third International Gas Turbine Conference PDF Print E-mail

The Future of Gas Turbine Technology

11-12 October 2006
Chatelain All Suite Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

DAY 1  
08.00-09.00 Registration, Welcome Coffee & Exhibit
09.00-09.05 Welcome & Opening, C Bjorkqvist, ETN
09.05-10.30 Gas Turbine Technology for the 21st Century
Chairman: D Taylor, DG TREN European Commission
09.05-09.30 icon Global Gas Turbine Markets and Trends - What Does the Future Hold? (298.93 KB)  H Thaler, Frost & Sullivan
09.35-10.00 icon Future Emissions Requirements from Gas Turbine Plants (396.02 KB) , R Reinertsen, Statoil
10.05-10.25 icon R&D Needs from a User's Point of View (1.15 MB) , B Klijnsma, Electrabel
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break & Exhibit
11.00-12.15 International Energy Policies - How Bright is the Future
Chairwoman: Dr R Jordan Cizelj, Member of the European Parliament, Slovenia
11.00-11.25 icon European Energy Policy (91.99 KB) , D Taylor, DG TREN European Commission
11.25-11.50 icon Energy Policy in Japan (1.94 MB) , M Sato, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)
11.50-12.15 icon US DOE Energy Strategy Plan (3.13 MB) , Dr V Der, US Department of Energy
12.15-13.00 Panel Discussion, Moderator: J Luckey, Editor at IPG

13.00-14.00 Lunch & Exhibit
14.00-15.30 Technical Session 1
14.00-15.30 Cycle Efficiency
Chairman: Dr. P. Jansohn, Paul Scherrer Inst.
Materials Degradation & Repair Technologies
Chairman: Dr. Ir. J.-P. Keustermans, Laborelec
14.00-14.25 icon A uniform approach to conceptual design of axial turbine/compressor flow path (206.24 KB) , Dr. L. Moroz, Softinway icon Recent developments of techniques for the life assessment of hot parts (3.54 MB) , C. Rinaldi, CESI RICERCA
14.30-14.55 icon Multi-objective optimisation of aero-engine compressors (420.84 KB) , T. Ghisu, University of Cambridge icon Advanced high temperature repair brazing to extend life of single crystal turbine components (1.72 MB)  A. Schlegel, RWTH Aachen
15.00-1525 icon A concept study of small GT with optional desalination capacity (274.14 KB) , J.-W. Song, Doosan Heavy Industries icon Metallurgical Degradation in advanced technology gas turbines (4.14 MB) , S. McArthur, Wood Group
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break & Exhibit  
16.00-1730 Technical Session 2  
16.00-17.30 Fuel Flexible Combustor Concepts Materials Degradation & Repair Technologies
  Chairman: Prof. Dr. M. Aigner, DLR Chairman: Dr. H. Becker, MTU
16.00-16.25 icon Fuel flexibility considerations for low emissions industrial gas turbines (577.81 KB) , Dr. R. Kurz, Solar Turbines Inc. icon Maintenance and repair of gas turbine components: a comprehensive analysis of 109 failure cases (1.34 MB) , E. Vogelaar, KEMA
16.30-16.55 icon Theoretical/experimental investigation of the premixing process within an ultra-lean GT burner (1.16 MB) , Prof. F. Pittaluga, Dimset Genoa University icon Impact of aerodynamic sweep and lean on the structural behaviour of a transonic rotor blade, (1.91 MB)  Roberto Biollo, University of Padova
17.00-17.25 icon Operating characteristics of a premixed sub-ppm NO burner with periodical recirculation of x combustion products (3.19 MB) , J. Brueckner-Kalb, Technical University Munich icon Blade root shape optimisation (1.85 MB) , Dr. J.S. Rao, Altair Engineering


Cocktail & Dinner - Speaker J. Isles, Independent Consultant & Freelance Writer

DAY 2  
08.15-09.00 Registration, Welcome Coffee & Exhibit

European Research Programmes & Initiatives
Chairman: I. Galanis, DG TREN European Commission

09.00-09.25 icon EC Research Programmes & FP7 (6.12 MB) / Dr. P. Dechamps, DG Research European Commission
09.30-09.55 icon FENCO – the Fossil Energy Coalition (1.05 MB) / Dr. W. Kuckshinrichs, Research Centre Jülich
10.00-10.25 icon Research Agenda - TP Zero Emission Power (4.46 MB) / Dr. P. Holmes, ALSTOM
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break & Exhibit

11.00-12.30 Technical Session 3
11.00-12.30 Cycle Efficiency Condition Monitoring, Instrumentation & Control
  Chairman: Prof. M. Assadi, Lund University Chairman: Dr. C. Carraretto, University of Padova
icon Introduction: Gas turbine user needs assessment for improving hot gas path management (256.20 KB) , Dr. T. Alvarez, Endesa
11.00-11.25 icon Saturator models for the analysis & optimisation of humidified power cycles (1.18 MB) ,
R. Kavanagh, University of Cambridge
icon Technical advancements for future air intake filtration for GT and compressors (1.30 MB) ,
G. Schürmann, Donaldson Europe
11.30-11.55 icon A cost-benefit analysis for large scale implementation of MAST GT technologies (146.65 KB) ,
Dr. A. Poullikas, Electricity Authority of Cyprus
icon Hot section life assessment by a creep model o plan GT based power plant electricity production (896.08 KB) Prof. G. Cerri, Uni ROMA TRE
12.00-12.25 icon Inlet air cooling and wet compression (1.64 MB) , Prof. M. Assadi, Lund University icon Possibility of active control on cascade flutter with smart structure (1.48 MB) ,
Prof. T. Watanabe, University of Tokyo
12.30-13.30 Lunch  
13.30-14.30 Technical Session 4  
13.30-14.30 Cycle Efficiency
Chairman: Prof. P. Pilidis, Cranfield University
Fuel Flexibility & Emissions
Chairman: Dr. I. Gökalp, CNRS
13.30-13.55 icon Endesa operational experience on gas turbines for power generation (494.74 KB) , Dr. T. Alvarez, Endesa icon Flame stability & NOx emission improvements due to H2 -enrichment of turbulent, lean premixed, high-pressure, methane/air flames (997.16 KB) , Dr. P. Griebel, Paul Scherrer Institute
14.00-14.25 icon OEM view on cycle efficiency (1.12 MB) , Dr. P. Holmes, ALSTOM & J. Logan, Rolls-Royce icon Reformer gas as fuel supplement. The effects of enrichment by carbon monoxide on adiabatic burning velocity & nitric oxide formation in methane flames (485.41 KB) , Prof. A. Konnov, VUB, Brussels

14.40-15.00 Priority Research Areas within ETN: current and future position / A. Mom, President, ETN
15.00-16.00 International Research Programmes / Initiatives
Chairman: Dr D Pollard, ALSTOM

icon US DOE Gas Turbine Programmes (5.37 MB) / Dr. J. Strakey, NETL US Department of Energy

15.30-15.55 icon Gas Turbine Programmes in Japan (2.24 MB) / Prof. K. Takeishi, Osaka University
16.00 Closing, Coffee available afterwards


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