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Fourth CAME-GT Combined Workshop for Industrial Gas Turbines

TW-WERK, Vrije Universiteit, Pleinlaan, Access 12, Buidling D, 1050, Brussels, 5 & 6th February 2003

Many participants do not know that they can use services to prepare for the conference, just contact our partner 123helpme at https://123helpme.org/

Wednesday 5th February
1.30 pm Registration  
  Session Chairman David Pollard
2.00 Welcome by the EC Petros Pilavachi
2.05 Welcome to VUB Jacques de Ruyck
2.10 Low Emission Powerplant for 2020+ Nick Otter
  - The European Vision for Fossil Fuels  
2.30 FP6 call for proposals Petros Pilavachi
2.50 Update on CAME-GT David Pollard
3.10 Exploitation of results - Gate2Growth.com Uffe Bundgaard
3.35 Coffee  
4.00 AZEP Project Peter Jansohn
4.20 Gas Turbine Research in EPRI Herman Annendyck
4.40 Activities in Newly Associated States Matej Novak
5.00 Related Thematic Networks  
  - EVI-GTI Arnoud Franken
5.30 End of session  
Dinner 7.30 for 8.00pm
(Callens Restaurant, Rue de Commerce, 73, a short walk from Leopold Hotel - cost 30 euro)
Thursday 6th February
9.00 am Re-assemble and welcome David Pollard
9.05 Related Thematic Networks (continued)  
  - CHAPNET Heidi Olli
9.20 Cluster Sessions - (see individual list of participants below)  
1.00 pm Lunch  
2.00 Related Thematic Networks (continued)  
  - C02NET Annette Cutler
2.20 Feedback from Cluster Sessions  
  - Turbomachinery Alexander Wiedermann
  - Combustion Manfred Aigner
  - Materials Bernard Becker
  - Systems Ralph Merten
  - Education and Training Sergey Zhulktov
3.20 Exploitation and dissemination Martin Hagan
3.35 Gas Turbine Strategy Peter Holmes
3.50 Coffee  
4.10 Conclusions and Future Actions  
  - Gas turbine conference 10/11 July 2003 Petros Pilavachi
  - Future Actions David Pollard
4.30 Discussion  
4.50 Finish  

Cluster Sessions

9.30am - 12.30pm Cluster Session 1
Turbomachinery Cluster - Co-ordinator Alexander Wiedermann

Introduction to Cluster activities Alexander Wiedermann
- FPV Project - DAIGTS Ian Amos
- FPV project - DITCAD Eugenio Rossi
- Dutch Gas Turbine Association Andre Mom
- Projects from National Programmes  
Discussion on priorities for industrial gas turbine RTD Chairman: Alexander Wiedermann

9.30am - 12.30pm Cluster Session 2
Combustion Cluster - Co-ordinator Manfred Aigner

Introduction to Cluster activities Manfred Aigner
- FPV Project - FLAMESEEK Michael Whiteman / Alex Taylor
- FPV Project - PRECCINSTA Manfred Aigner
- FPV Project - NGT Michael Flamme
- FPV Project - FLOXCOM Levy Yeshayahou
- FPV Project - DESIRE Werner Krebs
- FPV Project - FUELCHIEF Bruno Schuermans
- FPV Project - AFTUR Iskender Golkalp
- Projects from National Programmes  
- CH - Activities Konstantinos Boulouchnos
Discussion on priorities for industrial gas turbine RTD Chairman: Manfred Aigner

9.30am - 12.30pm Cluster Session 3
Materials Cluster - Co-ordinator Bernard Becker

Introduction to Cluster activities Bernard Becker
- FPV Project - CINDERS Mike Henderson
- FPV project - ALLBATROS Pierre Josso
- FPV project - NANOROTOR Mike Henderson
- Projects from National Programmes  
Discussion on priorities for industrial gas turbine RTD Chairman: Bernard Becker

9.30am - 12.30pm Cluster Session 4
Systems Cluster - Co-ordinator Ralph Merten

Introduction to Cluster activities Ralph Merten
- FPV Project - LOTHECO Aggelos Doukelis
- FPV Project - CHEP Andre Romier
- FPV Project - OMES Aksel Pedersen
- FPV Project - ARBRE TYPHOON Mike Cannon
- FPV Project - GTPOM Richard Knight / Erhard Perz
Projects from National Programmes  
GRAZ CYCLE Franz Heitmeir
Discussion on priorities for industrial gas turbine RTD Chairman: Ralph Merten

9.30am - 12.30pm Cluster Session 5
Training and Education Cluster - Co-ordinator Sergey Zhulktov

Introduction to Work package activities Sergey Zhulktov
Part 1  
- Industry-University interaction in GT education
- Co-ordination of GT courses in Europe
Development of advanced syllabus
Training needs for GT engineers Brian Pitt
GT education in Europe as seen from NTUA Aggelos Doukelis
GT education in Europe as seen from VKI Remy Denos
Part 2  
- VKI Lecture Series planned for November 2003
VKI CAME-GT Lecture Series on Gas Turbines Remy Denos
Conclusions Sergey Zhulktov



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