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Second International Conference on Gas Turbine Technologies

Organised by CAME-GT with the participation of the Gas Turbine Society of Japan and the Association of European Manufacturers of Industrial Gas Turbines, Hotel Golf, Bled, Slovenia, 29th-30th April 2004

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DAY 1 - 29th April 2004
08.00 am Registration  
09.00 Welcome to the Conference Matej Novak, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  Plenary Session 1 - International Positions Chairman: David Pollard, Co-ordinator CAME-GT
  Gas Turbine RTD Strategy for Europe (pdf, 3,873k) Peter Holmes, CAME-GT, Europe
  Industrial Gas Turbines and Related Research Activities in Japan (pdf, 1,673k) Eisuke Outa, Gas Turbine Society of Japan
  US Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Fuel Energy Turbine Research Programme - Turbines for Coal Derived Synthesis Gas and Hydrogen Fuels (ppt, 5,701k) Richard Dennis, NETL US DOE
  An Overview of Energy and RTD Policies of the European Union (ppt, 444k) Pierre Dechamps, European Commission
10.30 Coffee  
11.00 Plenary Session 2 - Stakeholders and Networks Chairman: Pierre Dechamps, European Commission
  Thematic Network - CAME-GT (ppt, 1,439k) David Pollard, Co-ordinator CAME-GT, Europe
  Thematic Network - CE-IGT (ppt, 228k) Herwart Honen, IJPT, Aachen, Germany
  FENCO - an EC ERANET Specific Supporting Action for Clean Fossil Power Generation in Europe (ppt, 1,503k) Nick Otter, FENCO, Europe
  Coal and Clean Coal Technologies for the Future (ppt, 1,584k) Andrew Minchener, Powerclean, Europe
  CO2NET2 - Gasification projects and CO2 capture (ppt, 9,806k) David Hanstock, Progressive Energy, UK
  Gas Turbine research in the Accession Countries members of NAS-CAME-GT Thematic Network (ppt, 244k) Dimityr Popov, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
13.00 Lunch  
  Plenary Session 3 - Key Manufacturers Chairman - Eisuke Outa, Gas Turbine Society of Japan
  High-Efficiency Industrial Gas Turbine Designed for Multiple Fuels and Flexible Load Service (pdf, 3,601k) Bernard Becker and Volker Thien, Siemens AG Power Generation, Germany
  Gas Turbines for the next European investment cycle - the ALSTOM view Edwin Kraemer, ALSTOM Power Turbo-Systems, Switzerland
  Validation Progress of Advanced Gas Turbine Technology (pdf, 3,741k) Robert Gleitz, GE Energy
15.30 Coffee  
16.00 Technical Session 1 - Gas Turbine Technologies  
  Combustion Chairman: Brian Pitt, CAME-GT
  Keynote: Combustion for Gas Turbines (pdf, 2,987k) M. Aigner & B.Noll, DLR, Germany
  New Combustion Systems for Gas Turbines (ppt, 5,256k) M .Flamme et. al., Gaswarme-Institut, Germany
  Lean-Lean Staged Combustion for Extending Range of Ultra-Low-NOx Engine Operation of Gas Turbines (ppt, 1,261k) S Hayashi and H. Yamada, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  Progress in Component Development for a Novel Hybrid Burner (ppt, 3,880k) R.Carroni and G Kelsall, ALSTOM Power Turbo-Systems
  Measurements and Large Eddy Simulation of Combustion Instabilities in a Scaled Gas Turbine Combustor (ppt, 2,285k) S. Roux, et. al. CERFACS, France
  Materials Chairman: Peter Holmes, ALSTOM Power
  Keynote: Materials for Gas Turbines (pdf, 4,207k)
Volker Thien, Siemens AG, Power Generation, Germany
  Development of High Temperature Materials for Advanced Gas Turbines in Japan H. Harada, National Institute for Materials, Ibaraki, Japan
  Multi-Domain Boundary Point Method for problems with Inhomogeneities (pdf, 463k) M. Handrik, et al, University of Zilina, Slovakia
  Studies on Innovative NDT Techniques able to detect Damage of Thermal Barrier Coatings for GT Hot Parts (ppt, 12,081k)
C Rinaldi et al CESI, Italy
  Systems Chairman: S. Mizuki, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan
  Keynote: Investigations into Power Plant Systems (ppt, 7,892k)
F Heitmeir, Graz University, Austria
  Latest Operating Experience and Technologies of Large Industrial Gas Turbine (ppt, 1,541k) K Tsukagoshi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Japan
  Application of a Gas Turbine with Air Bottoming Cycle in the Natural Gas Compressor Stations (pps, 282k) D. Popov, et al, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
  New Type of Gas Turbine Cycle - Preliminary Investigations (pps, 155k) N. Kolev et al, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
17.30 End of Session  
20.00 Gala Dinner  


DAY 2- 30th April 2004
09.00 am Technical Session 2 - Gas Turbine Technologies  
  Combustion Chairman: M Aigner, DLR, Germany
  New Burner Systems with High Fuel Flexibility for Gas Turbines (ppt, 6,547k) A. Al-Halbouni et al. Gaswarme-Institute, Germany
  Possibilities of Reducing Emissions in Burning Natural Gas in Gas Turbine Combustors (ppt, 4,180k) S. Vesely, Brno, Czech Republic
  Development of Coal Gasified Fuelled Gas Turbine Combustion Technology for IGCC (ppt, 8,490k) M Sato, Yokosuka, Japan
  Power Density in the Low NOx FLOXCOM Gas Turbine Combustor (pdf, 868k) Y. Levy, et.al. Turbo and Jet Engine Laboratory, Technion, Israel
  Turbomachinery, Heat Transfer and Zero Emission Chairman: R Dennis, NETL US DOE
  Keynote: Turbomachinery in Zero Emission Power Plant Systems - Future Research and Development Needs (ppt, 3,363k)
A. Wiedermann, MAN Turbo
  Flow Properties in an Axially Rotating Diffuser (ppt, 3,715k) T Bajcar et al. University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  Turbulence in a Tip-Leakage Vortex: a Factor Influencing Gas Turbine Exhaust Diffuser Flow (ppt, 1,542k) R. Willinger and H Haselbacher, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  Experimental Evaluation of Heat Transfer on Rotor Blades using Optical Techniques (ppt, 5,761k) M. Mori et al. University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  Micro Turbine Systems

Chairman: Chris Young, Rolls-Royce, UK
  Is there a future for Microturbines? (ppt, 3,673k) H. Antoine, ACTE SA France
  Design and Prototyping of Micro Centrifugal Compressor for Ultra Micro Gas Turbine (ppt, 6,586k) S. Mizuki, et al. Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan and E.Outa and Y. Ohta, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
  Design and Testing of Small Turbomachinery Components at NTUA (ppt, 3,981k) G. Sieros, NTUA, Greece
  Operational Experiences from Micro-turbine Energy Systems - the OMES project (ppt, 14,758k) A.H. Pedersen, DONG, Denmark
  Goals and First Results of the State Funded Project - Biogas Powered Micro Gas Turbine (ppt, 346k) J. Muller, ISET e.V. Germany
10.30 Coffee  
11.00 Technical Session 3 - Gas Turbine Technologies  
  Hydrogen and Liquid Fuel Combustion
Chairman: Brane Sirok, Ljubljana University, Slovenia
  Modelling of a Turbulent Lean Premixed Prevapourized n-Heptane Flame using the 'FIRST' Combustion Model (ppt, 1,425k) B de Jager et al University of Twente, Netherlands
  Hydrogen and Natural Gas Blends Utilisation in Gas Turbine Combustors (ppt, 5,252k) G Benelli, et al, ENEL, and L. Castellano, Universita di Milano, Italy
  Hydrogen Fuelled Gas Turbines: A Prospective Insight into Performance, Emissions and Safety Aspects (pdf, 2,015k) M Moliere, GE Energy , France
  Development and Testing of Ultra Low Emissions Gas Turbine Burners for Liquid Fuels (ppt, 4,548k) M. Caruggi and F. Pittaluga, University of Genoa, Italy
  Turbomachinery, Heat Transfer and Zero Emission

Chairman: A Wiedermann, MAN Turbo, Germany
  Gas Powered Zero Emissions Powerplant Design (ppt, 867k) R.A. Wall ALSTOM Power Turbo-Systems, UK
  CO2 Sequestration for the Combined Cycle Power Plant with Integrated Low Temperature Heat (ppt, 262k) A. Doukelis et al. NTUA, Athens, Greece (Presented by A. Poullikkas)
  AZEP - an EC Funded Project for Development of a CCGT Power Plant without CO2 Emissions(pdf, 1,588k) S-G. Sundkvist, Demag Delaval Industrial Turbomachinery AB, Sweden, H.Eklund, Norsk Hydro, Norway and T. Griffin, ALSTOM Power, Switzerland
  Catalytic Industrial Gas Turbine Prototype Test (ppt, 5,401k) G. Nutini, Nuovo Pignone, GE Energy, Italy
Chairman: A.H.Pedersen, DONG, Denmark
  Development of Future Marine Gas Turbines in Japan (Super Marine Gas Turbine) (ppt, 4,939k) M. Arai, TRASMGT, Tokyo, Japan
  Contributions to Promote Research in the Field of Gas Turbines in Romania (ppt, 3,925k) A. Adam, et al, ICEMENERG, Romania
  Minimizing Preventative Maintenance Cost via Combination of Monte Carlo Simulation and Genetic Algorithms (ppt, 379k) S.Pietrzyk and T. Uhl, University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

A Review of Current and Future Gas Turbine Technologies (ppt, 258k)

A.Poullikkas, Electricity Authority of Cyprus
13.00 Lunch  
14.00 Technical Session 4 - Gas Turbine Technologies  
  Combustion Chairman : Michel Moliere, GE Energy
  Flame Front Analysis of High pressure Turbulent Lean Premixed Methane-air Flames (ppt, 3,564k) T. Lachaux et al. CNRS and I.G. Shepherd EETD, Berkley, USA
  Geometrical Aspects of the Gas Turbine Flameless Oxidation Combustion (pdf, 636k) Y. Levy et al., Turbo and Jet Engine Laboratory, Technion, Israel
  Gas Turbine Instrumentation and Monitoring Chairman: Claudia Rinaldi, CESI, Italy
  Keynote: Gas Turbine Instrumentation (ppt, 8,608k) P. Loftus, Rolls-Royce, UK
  Local Measurement of Equivalence Ratio of the Reacting Mixture in a Model Gas turbine Combustor (ppt, 3,033k) C.S. Panoutsos, et al Imperial College, UK and J Moran and M Whiteman, Rolls Royce, UK
  Application of a Diagnostic Tool to Improve the Operation of a Gas Turbine (ppt, 955k) S. Bellagamba et al. ENEL, Italy (presented by G. Benelli, ENEL)

Chairman: Franz Heitmeir, Graz University, Austria
  Optimal Choice of CHP Systems for Particular Applications (ppt, 889k) G. Goral and T Uhl, University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland
  Combined High Temperature heat and power generation using an advanced gas turbine - Application to a Hydrogen Plant (pps, 126k) D. Popov, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
  The Fields of Low Calorific Natural Gases in Western Poland as a Potential Way to the Lowering Emissions of CO2 by Burning in Small CHP Gas Turbines (ppt, 8,172k) T. Dobski et al Poznan University of Technology, Poland
15.00 Final Plenary Session Chairman: David Pollard, Co-ordinator CAME-GT
  Exploitation and Dissemination of results from FP5 gas turbine RTD programme. (ppt, 113k)
B. Pitt and M. Hagan CAME-GT
  The Future of EuMIGT Chris Young, Chairman, EuMIGT
  Closing remarks (ppt, 2,243k)
N.Otter, ALSTOM Power
16.30 Close and coffee  


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