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Projects by Cluster

Turbomachinery Cluster - Co-ordinator: Alexander Weidermann

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Acronym Project Title Programme
DITCAD Development of innovative techniques for compressor aero-mechanical design FP V
DAIGTS Design and off design optimisation of highly loaded industrial gas turbine stages FP V
  Turbine internal flows  
  Small gas turbines  

Combustion Cluster - Co-ordinator: Manfred Aigner

Acronym Project Title Programme
FLAMESEEK Flame sensors for efficient gas turbine engine cycles FP V
PRECCINSTA Prediction and control of combustion instabilities for industrial gas turbines FP V
FLOXCOM Low NOx FLOX combustor for high efficiency gas turbines FP V
DESIRE Reliable low NOx combustor FP V
FUELCHIEF Low NOx staged rotor FP V
AFTUR Alternative fuels for gas turbines FP V

Materials Cluster - Co-ordinator: Mathias Oechsner

Acronym Project Title Programme
CINDERS CMC integration and demonstration for gas turbine engines FP V
ALLBATROS Advanced long life blade coating system FP V
NANOROTOR Hardened ferritic steel rotor FP V
  Smart TBC for gas turbine blades FP V
TINTELL Internal inspection of nozzles and blades FP V


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