First International Conference on Gas Turbine Technologies
10th and 11th July 2003

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels


The aim of the Conference was to bring together researchers in gas turbine technology from the European Union, Accession Countries and the US, to discuss current progress and future developments. Current research is directed towards reducing CO2 and NOx emissions by enhancing cycle efficiencies through improved aerodynamics, combustion materials and systems of plant. The Conference covered RTD projects in these disciplines and looked to the future of gas turbine plant burning fossil fuels. It was demonstrated that if there is not to be a dramatic reduction in the efficiency of electricity production when CO2 removal and disposal are introduced in the cycle then the efficiency of basic gas turbine components will have to rise substantially.

Conference Format

The Conference was held on 10th/11th July 2003 in Brussels.

The first half-day consisted of a Plenary Session with contributors from organisations and companies setting the scene of the current situation of Gas Turbine Technology and pointing to the future. This was followed by Parallel Sessions covering the main technologies. The second day continued with the Parallel Sessions and concluded with Closing Comments.

Keynote speakers were drawn from the European commission, the US DoE, EPRI and major gas turbine companies. The Parallel Sessions included projects from the 5th RTD Framework Programme of the European Union and fro research projects being carried out in Member States and Accession Countries. The US was represented by academic members of the US DoE's University Turbine Systems Research Program, US DoE research and EPRI. Industrial company researchers from both the US and Europe contributed papers.


The Conference was organised by CAME-GT, a Thematic Network on Gas Turbine Technology supported by the European Commission under the 5th RTD Framework Programme. The Network includes major partners from the EU Member States as well as partners from Accession Countries of the EU.

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