First Workshop Advance Notice: Brussels - 16 February 2001

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Cleaner and More Efficient Gas Turbines -
A Thematic Network of the FPV Energie Programme

Contract No: ENK5-CT-2000-20062

The First Workshop of CAME-GT will bring together researchers from across the European Union to present their work, interchange ideas and consider future strategy for GT related RTD.

The Objective of the meeting is to better focus RTD in gas turbine technology to assist the sector achieve the technology targets set by the FPV programme and compete better in the world market for gas turbines and related technologies.

Worldwide energy demand is projected to increase by 1%/a into the foreseeable future. Electricity demand is set to rise by 2%/a, with natural gas and therefore gas turbine plant, expected to provide the bulk of that increase. Natural gas use in the EU will rise by 325% between now and 2020. In this situation it is vital that gas turbines satisfy this demand in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

Gas turbines are applicable in large combined cycle plant, in distributed generation and CHP applications. New research is leading to the development of micro gas turbines (up to 1MW), biomass-fuelled gas turbines and zero emission plant.

The Workshop will bring together project co-ordinators from FPV research projects in industrial gas turbines, co-ordinators of gas turbine Demonstration projects from FPIV as well as representatives from national gas turbine research programmes in Germany, Sweden and the UK. Researchers from other EU countries working in topics important to gas turbines have also been invited.

To gain maximum benefit from the Workshop researchers in aero-engines will be encouraged to present aspects of their work, together with representatives of the Technology Clusters of EuMIGT (European Manufacturers of Industrial Gas Turbines)

Invitees will be invited to make presentations where appropriate

There will be representatives from DG Research and DG TREN. The Agenda for the meeting is still being finalised but will be in the CAME-GT format as follows:

  1. Introductions by the Commission and CAME-GT Project Co-ordinator

  2. Gas Turbine RTD Strategy

  3. Turbomachinery Cluster - Introduction and presentations

  4. Combustion Cluster- Introduction and presentations

  5. Material Cluster- Introduction and presentations

  6. Systems Cluster- Introduction and presentations

  7. Exploitation and Dissemination of gas turbine technology

  8. Training and education for gas turbine researchers.

  9. Future activities

There will be adequate time set aside for discussion and interaction so that researchers can exchange information outside the formal sessions