Proposal Ideas for Framework 5 Final Energy call 14th December 2001

An informal meeting held following the CAME-GT Workshop in Brussels on 1st October produced the following list of Proposal Ideas from the participants for gas turbine RTD, Combined and Demonstration projects for submission to the December call of the Commission. This is the last call for proposals in the Energy programme of FPV. If you are interested in any of the proposal ideas please contact the named person and inform them of your interest and expertise. As time is short you are advised to make contact as soon as possible.

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that Proposal Ideas on the list will be submitted as proposals, neither is there any guarantee that if you express an interest in joining a project that you will be allowed to do so.

List of Projects

1 Advanced Compressor - Design and Demonstration of optimised high efficiency / low part count compressor.
2 Biomass Demonstrator - Gas turbine supplied with biogas from pressurised gasifier.
3 Wet Compression - Optimisation of compressor for water injection flow.
4 Blade Coatings - Optimisation of coatings technology for turbine blades.
5 Internal Cooling of Turbine Blades 2 - Resubmission of growth proposal submitted in March 2001.
6 Specialist coatings for Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) alloys
7 Low Nox Combustor - Use of catalytic combustion to produce ultra-low Nox.

For the above projects please contact

David Bailey
t: 00-44-116-284 5542

8 Solar Absorber in Combined Cycle Plant
9 Biomass Integrated Gasificiation Fuel Cell Combiined Cycle

For the above projects please contact

Emmanoui Kakaras
National Technical University of Athens

10 Abradable and Abrasive Tip Coatings

For the above project please contact

Marie-Pierre Bacos
t: 01 46 73 45 13

11 Wet Compression and Recuperated Cycle

For the above project please contact

Hans-Joachim Meier
MAN Turbo
t: 0208 692-9450

12 Database of Measured Small Gas Turbines Performance

For the above project please contact

Paul Welberg
t: 0031 26 3 56 35 20

13 Prediction of Emissions of Gas Turbines

For the above project please contact

Paul Welberg, KEMA or Andre Mom, Dutch GT Association
t: 0031 26 3 56 35 20

14 CMC Life Prediction
15 Single Crystal Blade Manufacture
16 Advanced Syngas Combustion Technology
17 Wet Compression Demonstration
18 Heavy Metal Emission Reduction
19 Catalytic Combustion
20 Active Combustion Control
21 Ti Al of Blades
22 Zero Emission Power Plant

For the above projects please contact

Matthias Oechsner
SIEMENS Westinghouse Power Corporation
t: (407) 736 - 3059