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Welcome to the CAME-GT Web site

CAME-GT is a Thematic Network project supported by the European Commission in the Framework V RTD Programme. The main participants are ALSTOM Power, Rolls Royce plc, MAN GHH BORSIG, DLR, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, GASTEC, Siemens and Ansaldo. Also, to confirm the European Research Area in gas turbine technology, the project now has as partners, Turboinstitut (Slovenia), TUS (Bulgaria), ICEMENERG (Romania) and AGH (Poland).

This Web site provides a resource for the dissemination of the CAME-GT research results and highlights meetings and events related to gas turbine technology. Follow these links to view the project titles listed by cluster or by programme.

The objective of this Thematic Network is to co-ordinate RTD projects in industrial gas turbines, covering fossil fuels and biomass and gas turbines in CHP applications and combined cycles. Comparison with international programmes will prioritise key issues for the future and these will be used to recommend the future direction of RTD programmes in gas turbines and contribute to the development of a gas turbine sector Strategy Plan.

CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service, is a free service provided by the European Commission's Innovation/SMEs programme. CORDIS offers access to a wide range of information on EU research and innovation development activities. For information on other EU funded gas turbine projects click here.

Third International Conference – First Announcement and Call for Papers

The Third CAME-GT Conference on Gas Turbine Technology will take place in Brussels at the Chatelain All Suite Hotel on Thursday 12th October 2006 – Friday 13th October 2006.

The 3rd Conference is being organised by the European Turbine Network (ETN) in conjunction with CAME-GT and under the auspices of the European Commission – Full details and an application form are available on the ETN web site – www.eu-gasturbine.org

A Power Generation Strategy for Europe
One of the outcomes from the Network was the production of a gas turbine strategy document for future gas turbine RTD in Europe. Entitled a 'A Power Generation Strategy for Europe' it was written by Peter D. Holmes on behalf of the partners of the Network..

Open consultation for the preparation of FP7

As part of its development of the Work Programme for Framework 7, the European Commission is consulting interested parties for their input. As part of this process a letter was sent by Mr Perez Sainz, Head of the Energy Unit of the RTD Directorate at the Commission to David Pollard, Co-ordinator of CAME-GT to obtain a response from the gas turbine technology sector in Europe. The letter from Mr Perez Sainz can be seen here. The deadline for submissions was 31/12/04.

The response from Dr Pollard was based on the Strategy Report prepared by CAME-GT as part of the Contract and drawn from the contributions of participants at the Workshops and Conferences. The response can be seen here.

Second International Gas Turbine Technology Conference, 29th & 30th April 2004

The Second International Gas Turbine Technology Conference was held at the Golf Hotel, Bled, Slovenia on 29/30th April 2004 to co-incide with celebrations to mark the Accession of Slovenia to the European Union. The Conference was organised by CAME-GT with the participation of the Gas Turbine Society of Japan and the Association of European Manufacturers of Industrial Gas Turbines, EuMIGT.

The full agenda can be seen here.

Lecture Series on 'Clean Combustors for Industrial Gas Turbines', 9th - 13th February 2004

The Education Cluster organised a Lectures Series on 'Clean Combustors for Industrial Gas Turbines'. Details on content are available here or more information can be obtained from J. De Ruyck () or R. Denos ().

Combustion Workshop, Stuttgart, 13th & 14th November 2003
A Combustion Workshop was held at DLR, Stuttgart in November 2003. Details are available from Manfred Aigner at or read this linked document.
First International Conference on Industrial Gas Turbine Technologies, 10th and 11th July 2003
The First International Conference on Gas Turbine Technologies, organised by the CAME-GT Thematic Network with the participation of the US DoE, was held on 10th and 11th July in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels. Click here for the conference report and programme.
FOURTH WORKSHOP, 5th and 6th February 2003
The Fourth CAME-GT Workshop was held at the Vrije Universiteit, Pleinlaan, Brussels on 5th and 6th February 2003. The format followed the successful 3rd Workshop, starting at 14.00hrs on the 5th and finishing at 16.15hrs on the 6th. The Agenda can be viewed by clicking here.
THIRD WORKSHOP, 10th and 11th April 2002
The Third Workshop meeting was held on 10th and11th April 2002 at VUB in Brussels. The agenda may be viewed by clicking here which also has links to reports and presentations.
SECOND WORKSHOP, 1st October 2001
The Second Workshop was held on 1st October 2001 in the Centre Borschette, rue Froissard 36 B-1040 Brussels. The meeting agenda for the Workshop, the meeting report and the list of attendees can be viewed on this Web site.
FIRST WORSHOP, 16th February 2001
The First Combined Workshop of CAME-GT was held in Brussels on 16th February 2001. It brought together researchers from across the European Union to present their work, interchange ideas and consider future strategy for GT related RTD. There were 48 attendees drawn from 12 of the 15 member states and 26 speakers from FPV and other projects including presentations on national programmes. The Agenda, a full report on the Workshop and a list of attendees can be viewed on this Web site.


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