First International Conference on Gas Turbine Technologies
10th and 11th July 2003

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels


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DAY 1 - 10th July 2003
08:00 Registration  
09:00 Opening Plenary Session Chairman: Petros Pilavachi, European Commission
  Energy Systems in Transition : New roles and priorities for research and technology (977k) A. Perez Sainz, European Commission
  US DoE's Turbine Research Program (570k) R. Dennis, NETL, DoE, US
  Future Energy Research : The Challenge for Power Plant Producers (1232k) C. Soothill, ALSTOM Power Turbo-Systems, UK
  Combustion Turbine Generation Technology Needs, Trends and Goals (687k) H. Courtright, EPRI, US
  Thematic Network Cleaner and More Efficient Gas Turbines (1149k) D. Pollard, CAME-GT
11:00 Coffee  
11:30 SESSION 1 - Plenary - The Challenges for Gas Turbine Technologies
Chairman: R. Dennis, DOE, US
  Future Markets and Technologies of Gas Turbines (168k) T Vitting, Siemens AG, Germany
  The Industrial Gas Turbine, the European Perspective (403k) L. Malmrup, EuMIGT, Europe
  Technologies for High Efficiency and Low Emission Gas Turbines (6440k) R. Gleitz, GE Energy Products, France
  Main activities in the Gas Turbine Field in Romania (675k) A Bosoaga et al, ICEMENERG, Romania
13:00 Lunch  
14:30 SESSION 2 - Gas Turbine Technologies  
Chairman: G. Richards, NETL, DOE, US
  Keynote: Combustion for Gas Turbines (1671k)

M. Aigner & B. Noll, DLR, Germany
  Keynote: Overview of University Combustion Research Supported under DOE's Turbine Program (3395k) B.T.Zinn, Georgia Inst. of Technology., US
  Control of Combustion Instabilities in Industrial Gas Turbines (PRECCINSTA) (699k) G Kelsall & C. Troger, ALSTOM Power, Sweden
  Complex Gas Burner for an Aeroderivative Turbine (763k) A Bosoaga et al, ICEMENERG, Romania
Chairman: C.Rinaldi, CESI, Italy
  Keynote: Materials for Gas Turbines
M. Oechsner, Siemens AG, Power Generation, Germany
  ALLBATROS - Advanced Long Life Turbine Blade Turbine Coating Systems (1748k)
M-P Bacos, ONERA, France
  CMC Demonstration and Integration for Gas Turbine Engines (CINDERS) (1788k)
P. Barnard, et al. ALSTOM Power, UK
  On-line Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) Monitor for Real-Time Failure Protection and Life Maximisation (7950k)
P Zombo, Siemens Westinghouse, US
Chairman: A Goulas, AUTh, Greece
  Keynote: Investigations into Power Plant Systems (4236k)
F Heitmeir, Graz University, Austria
  Combined Cycle Power Plant with Integrated Low Temperature Heat (LOTHECO) (213k)
E. Kakaras, et al. NTUA, Greece
  Turbomachines for application in LOTHECO Powerplants (275k)
H Haselbacher and A.C Fischer, T.U.Vienna, Austria
  Parametric Study for the Penetration of Combined Cycle Technologies into Cyprus Power System (208k)
A. Poullikkas, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus
16:00 Coffee  
16:30 SESSION 3 - Gas Turbine Technologies  
Chairman: A Taylor, Imperial College, UK
  Fuel Composition effects on Combustor Performance (542k)
V. G. McDonell, University of California, US
  Floxcom - Low NOx Flameless Oxidation Combustor for High Efficiency Gas Turbines
Y. Levy, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
  Research and Development of a Novel Burner for Gas Turbines (Cathlean) (1699k)
R. Carroni, et al. ALSTOM Power, Switzerland
  CCM - Controlled Catalytic Combustion Module for Gas Turbines (740k)
W. A. Whittenberger, Catacel Corp, US
  Catalytic Combustor for 10MW Gas Turbine (3688k)
G. Nutini, Nuovone Pignone, Italy
Chairman: I Wright, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
  Epitaxial Repair and in situ Damage Assessment for Turbine Blades (2359k)
C. Rinaldi & G Antonelli, CESI, Italy
  Thermal Barrier Sensor Coatings for Gas Turbine Applications (423k)
J.P. Feist, Southside Thermal Sciences Ltd, et al. UK
  Materials Developments for the Next Generation Coatings for Industrial Gas Turbines (4266k)
D.R.Clarke, California University US
Chairman: A Poullikkas, Electricity Authority of Cyprus
  Thermo-economic Optimisation of Whole Gas Turbine Plant (5444k) R. Knight, Rolls-Royce, UK & E Perz, SIMTCH, Austria
  Gas Turbine Based High Efficiency "Vision 21" Natural Gas and Coal Central Plants (2396k) A.Rao et al. University of California, US
Optimised Cooling of the Intake Air by Absorption Refrigeration Technology - an Innovative Technology to Improve Gas Turbine Performance D Bies, SaarEnergie, Germany
18:00 End of Day 1  
20:00 Gala Dinner  
DAY 2 - 11th July 2003
09:00 SESSION 4 - Gas Turbine Technologies  
Chairman : B. Pitt, Rolls Royce, UK
  Joint Program for Advanced Simulation of Fuel Flexible Gas Turbines J. Keller, Sandia Nat. Labs. & G Richards, NETL, US
  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Self Excited Combustion Oscillations in a Scaled Gas Turbine Combustor C Berat,Turbomeca France, et al.
  Alternative Fuels of Industrial Gas Turbines (AFTUR) I .Gökalp, LCSR-CNRS, Orléans France
  Empirical study on Noise Emissions of Gas Turbines (227k) M Novak, Turboinstitut, et al. Slovenia
Chairman: P Barnard, Alstom Power, UK
  NDE Technology for Risk Reduction of Ceramic Components for Gas Turbines (2,295k) W A. Ellingson, Argonne National Laboratory, US
  Materials Research in Support of Industrial Gas Turbines (2043k) I.G.Wright & B.A.Pint, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
  Advanced Life Management for F-Class Gas Turbines (2,359k)
H. Annendyck & J Scheibel, EPRI, US
  Combining Blade Strain Measurements and Blade Modelling for Life Assessment R.Hunik & R.A. Rooth, KEMA, Netherlands
Chairman: H.Courtright, EPRI,US
  Keynote: European Challenges for Gas Turbines for CHP (950k) S. Minett, Cogen Europe, Belgium
  Microturbine Energy Systems Experiences from 18 Microturbine Applications for CHP and Industrial Purposes (1373k)
A.H.Pedersen, DONG A/S, Denmark
  Small Gas Turbine Development at Volvo & Turbec
L. Malmrup, Turbec AB, L Sundin, LMGT, Volvo Aero, Sweden
  Small Gas Turbine Technology (1565k)
A Romier, Microturbo, France
10:30 Coffee  
11:00 SESSION 5 - Gas Turbine Technologies
Chairman : I. Gökalp, LCSR-CNRS, Orléans, France
  The Expanding Fuel Flexibility of Gas Turbines (2371k)
M Moliere, GE Energy Products, France
  New Combustion Systems for Gas Turbines (NGT) (1028k)
M. Flamme, Gaswärme-Institut, Germany
  Real-time Control of the Lean Blow Out Limit in Premixed Combustors for Reduced NOx emissions (436k)
B.T.Zinn, et al. GA Tech, US

The Application of the 'FIRST' combustion model to spray combustion (1912k)

B. de Jager & J.B.W. Kok, University of Twente, The Netherlands
  Dilute oxy-fuel Combustion Technology for zero emission power (1922k) G. Richards, NETL, DOE, US
  Turbomachinery & Heat Transfer
Chairman: M Hagan, GasTec, Netherlands
  Keynote: Turbomachinery for Gas Turbines (1352k)
A. Wiedermann, MAN Turbomaschinen AG, Germany
  Keynote: Aero-heat Transfer Projects Funded by the US DOE's University Turbine Systems Research Program (1485k)
K.A.Thole, Virginia Tech, US
  Design and Off Design Optimisation of Highly Loaded Industrial Gas Turbine Stages
I.Amos, Demag Delaval Industrial Turbomachinery, UK
  US DOE-HEET Aero Heat Transfer Project: First Vane & Endwall Studies Relevant to a Gas Turbine (1453k)
K.A.Thole, Virginia Tech & D.G.Bogard, University of Texas, US
  CFD Applications for Multi-stage Turbomachinery Analysis and Design
C. Hirsch, VUB, Brussels
Chairman: A.H. Pedersen, DONG, Denmark
  Keynote: Status of External Firing of Bio-mass in Gas Turbines (656k) S. Bram & J De Ruyck, VUB, Belgium
  First Survey of Biogas Co-firing in the EEMS Power Station Gas Turbines using CFD (1770k) J.A. Lycklama a Nijeholt, NRG, Netherlands
  Graz Cycle - an Optimised Power Plant Concept for CO2 Retention (2444k) F Heitmeir, TU Graz, Austria
  Near Zero Emission Power (MATIANT) Cycle - Performance and Cost (128k) P.Mathieu, University of Liege, Belgium
  Potential Implementation of an Advanced Thermodynamic Cycle in Romania (2386k) I Ionel et al, University Politechnica, Timisoara, Romania
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 SESSION 6 - Gas Turbine Technologies  
Chairman : M Novak, Turboinstitut, Slovenia

  Modelling Methane Combustion under MAST Conditions (255k) G. Skevis, et al, FORTH/ICE-HT, Greece
  Infrared Absorption for Measurement of Degree of Premixedness of Hydrocarbon Fuel/air Mixtures (FLAMESEEK) B. Gillet et al.,Imperial College, UK
  Combustion of Extra Low Calorific Value Natural Gas in Gas Turbines T. Dobski et al. Poznan University of Technology, Poland
  Chemiluminescence sensor for local equivalence ratio of reacting mixtures of liquid fuel vapour and air (MAST B LIQUID) Y. Hardalupas Imperial College, UK et al.
  Gas Turbine Instrumentation and monitoring
Chairman: M Davies, University of Limerick, Ireland

  Keynote: The Challenge for Instrumentation and Sensor Technology in supporting new Engine Products (1620k) P. Ivey, Cranfield University, UK
  Some Experiments about the Use of Electrostatic Charge Measurements in the exhaust gases as an early warning of distresses in Industrial Gas Turbines (3342k) G. Lapini, M Zippo, CESI, Italy
  Intelligent tools for Combustion Turbine Health Monitoring (959k) L. Angello & J. Scheibel EPRI, US
Chairman: K Papailiou, NTUA, Greece

  RCM based plant maintenance optimization T. Uhl, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland
  Sustainable Utilisation of Fossil Fuels - The PowerClean RTD Thematic Network (264k) S. Jansson, Svenergy Consultants, Sweden
  Gas-steam turbine cycle with increased efficiency (476k) N. Kolev, D Kolev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria & K. Schaber, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
  Advanced Gas Turbine Plant Cycles for more Efficient NG Transmission (429k) D.Popov, TU-sofia, Bulgaria
15:30 Closing comments (534k) N.Otter, ALSTOM Power
15:30 Close and Coffee